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Karlie Carpentier Rosin is an Artist born and raised in Montreal, and currently living in Vancouver, BC. Karlie is a figurative painter and illustrator who loves to channel her creativity through many different mediums. She’s known to use vibrant colours and creates using different traditional techniques including acrylic, watercolours, markers and coloured pencils, as well as digital painting and loves to mix digital and traditional mediums.

You can usually find little details and elements that were mindfully added, creating an extra level of playfulness in her artwork, such as iridescent paints, or textures and various elements sometimes taken from the very environment in which it was painted. Karlie especially loves to observe the interaction of colour and light with various materials and textures, and finds inspiration everywhere she goes through her environment and experiences. Subjects such as landscapes, animals, plant life, space, fashion, design,  behaviours and current events really inspire her. She has also been known to do live painting at events to show her creative process.

Karlie also works full time in the Visual Effects Industry on blockbuster movies as a Matte Painter (Environment Artist) digitally painting in landscapes, cityscapes and general visual enhancements. She’s had the chance to work on movies such as Justice League, The Mummy, Fantastic Beasts, Suicide Squad - to name a few

Medium: Canvas
Size: 12x24