Community Art - Jumpstart

No Barriers. No Limits. The City is Yours. 

What is Jumpstart?

 Jumpstart is a program born out of a passion to help artists get started in the Community.

Jumpstart aims to completely eradicate the barrier for local photographers that seek to get their artwork to market.This is done by giving photographers the unique opportunity to have their work canvassed, displayed and rented across different communities at no upfront cost to them.

How does jumpstart work?

   How does Jumpstart work?

  For an artist to be considered for Jumpstart, they must fill out this application. From their application, the artist will be notified whether they have been selected or rejected for the program. Each application is evaluated on a case by case basis and is taken on its own merit.

   Where can I find Jumpstart?

  Jumpstart currently lives on two platforms: Community Art and 604 Canvas.
  Applications can be found on both sites.

     What happens if my artwork sells?

 When an art piece sells through Jumpstart the initial cost of canvassing is deducted and the artist receives the profit!

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