Artist - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member of Community Art?

  Becoming a member can be broken down into 3 easy steps.

  1. Art Submission
  2. Review
  3. Approval

Submit your artwork via email by signing up here.

Can I sell my artwork to another party after submitting it to Community Art?

Yes, members are allowed to sell their artwork after submitting online.

What if another party inquires about my artwork while it is being displayed?

 Members are asked not to sell their artwork while it is being displayed through Community Art.

What does “submitting” artwork really mean?

Submitting artwork means sending photographs of your work to us.

When do I give you my artwork?

When a business/individual has shown interest in your artwork.

How do I know a business has shown interest in my artwork?

 Once a business/individual has shown interest in your work, we will contact you via your preferred contact method.

Do I deliver my artwork to you or will you pick it up?

Artists will be required to deliver artwork to a designated drop off point, usually in their area.

Do I still own my artwork?

Yes by using Community Art’s services you still own your artwork.

Do I get paid actual money for my art?

Yes, Community Art pays you actual money for your artwork.

Do I have to do anything after submitting my art?

No, Artists are encouraged to continue to promote their own art.

How do I submit more art?

Additional Submissions can be made through here (Artist application form).

Who is Community Art for? 
Community Art is for artists 18 or older.

What does Community Art do for me?
Community Art provides you with an additional avenue to generate exposure and income from your artwork.

Do I submit online?
Yes, all art submissions are made online.

Still have questions? 

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