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The Story Teller

My eyes were staring at the laptop screen with blank intentions. So much so that I started counting the speckles of dust settling on the keyboard. There were a million. It was barely half past ten and the weather seemed breathtakingly fresh and cold. In the beginning it’s always difficult to create an image of oneself especially in front of an unknown audience. Although if you hang around long enough, the content will evolve to something bigger and better. I am Aritro, a student at Simon Fraser University, here to paint my encounters with a little red and blue.    If I may, this poem glorifies my encounters while transiting through skytrains in Vancouver. It might as well be a...

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Corissa's Corner- Anna

    My Backstory:  Hey everyone I'm Corissa and I'm currently 19 years old. I was placed in my first art class when I was five, and I haven't stopped drawing since. When I was six, I spent the next couple of classes to finish colouring my most detailed artwork at the time, which is my first framed drawing and is now hanging in my bathroom wall (I really don't know how it got there). From there, I've switched in between different art classes before settling to where I now happily learn and teach drawing at a small location called ArtWorks. Here, I am able to explore through many different mediums and topics, such as graphite, oil paints, water colour paints, pastels, and...

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