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Welcome to Community Art! We are an art rental service that will grow your business.

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Why have art in your space?

  The right art piece can attract customers, inspire your team, impress your clients and express your brand identity.

Do you have the right art piece?

We have the right art piece for you.

Why Rent with us ?

  • Local Approach

    At Community Art all our artwork is sourced from both rising and established artists in your community. Giving you the ability to discover artwork from artists near you!

  • Brand Awareness

    When you rent with Community Art, the  artists in your area actively help you to market your business! Ask us about it.

  • Our 3 Step Process

    Renting is easy with our three step process. Contact us today for your no commitment consultation.

  • Rent & Rotate.

    Not ready to buy artwork outright? No problem. You can rent out and rotate pieces at low, tax-efficient, monthly rates. New to the art world? We can help you select & find the right piece for your space.

  • Budget tailored.

    Renting or buying art can be budget friendly. Our rental services allows you to customize entire office floors or a single room in a cost effective manner, with rental prices starting at $57 CAD per month. Take advantage today.

  • Helping Hand.

    We take the struggle out of art rentals by offering help with selection, set-up, installation and maintenance.

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"Business owners are beginning to understand that displaying artwork in the workplace does more than make the office aesthetically pleasing; it can actually increase employee efficiency, productivity, and creativity."

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"I've been using Community Art for over a year now and I've had great success."
-David (Physio Clinic Owner)

For me this represents major impact within our community and for the growth of our youth.
-Shirin (Owner of Abasa Optical)

Your pieces are amazing!
-Shawn (Partner at Law firm)

"I love Community Art and their team! So thankful for what they have for me and struggling artists like me! Without them to encourage me to put my paintings out there, I wouldn't have the bravery or the connection to show them out to the 

-Cindy Lui (Local Artist)